Podcasts  Topics

   Selection of nostalgic subjects to be covered during our podcasts

The Egg Man


The Ice Man


Clean Restrooms in Gas Stations


Gas Station Man cleaned your windshield, and checked tires


Soda Fountains


Car Hops at Drive Inns


3 cent Postage Stamps


Old Radio Shows


The Lone Ranger


Amos and Andy Show


The Edsel


Studebaker Pick-up trucks


Tent Revivals




Wringer Washers

Hopalong Cassidy


Erector Sets


25 cent per Gallon Gas


Burma Shave Signs


Soap Operas


Telephone Party Lines


Oxford Shoes


Cars with Fins


BB Guns


Black & White TVs


Green Stamps


Cane Fishing Poles


Have Gun, Will Travel


Home Canning


The Paper Boy


Playing Marbles


Home Remedies

Laundry Soap with a Prize in the Box


Cigarette Vending Machines


Thinker Toys


Fly Paper


Wooden Spinning Tops


Polariod Camera


Brownie Cameras


Cap Pistols


Tiny Tears Dolls


Ginny Dolls


Roller Skates with a Key


TV Antennas on House Roofs


Jump Rope


Ice Cream Truck


Candy Cigarettes



Radio Flyer Wagons




Double Bubble Gum


Baseball Cards




Hula Hoops


The 15 cent McDonald Hamburger


Free- range Children


I Love Lucy Show




TV Trays


Real Silver Dimes and Quarters


Tootsie Toys 


Womens Hose with Seams


Prayer Meeting


Dial Telephones



Signs painted on Barn Roofs


Train Caboose


Families going to Church


Drive Inn Movies


Shoe Repair Shops


Cars without Seatbelts


Kids walking alone from School


River Swimming Holes


Safe Hitchhiking


The Milk Man


Most Men on TV were Smoking


Jimmy Durante Show


White Wall Tires


Columbia Bicycles


Lava Soap




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