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                    Podcasts  Topics

          Some of the subjects to be covered during our podcasts

      Introduction to my Podcasts Series

      "We are not poor, just a little short on money"

      Early Morning Radio

      Daddy, Uncle Judd, the Southern Evangelist, and the Snake

      Selling Christmas Trees

      The Flouroscope Machine

      Don't Get Run Over by a Dead Chicken

      Intro to "Panther Creek Mountain"

      My "new" Convertible"

      My Interest in Country Music

      The Automobile after WWII

      Mama's Home Cooking

      Cracker Jacks, Juicy Fruit Gum, Candy Cigarettes and School

      Smells of Childhood

      Old Time Radio and Mama's Soap operas

      Throw Away Society

      Daddy's Underwear was made from Feed Sacks

      My Tie Got Caught in my Zipper

      Lost in a Snow Storm up in the Mountain

      Moonshine Peach Brandy

      WWII , the Automobile, and Sears failure to sell Cars

      YES there is a Real Santa!

      Stories from Childhood: Biscuits and Gravy

      Eating Wild Things in the Woods

      The Carnival Comes Back to Town

      Country Home Remedies

      Old Country Superstitions



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