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                   Enjoy Our Books

Story Night Press is the name of our publishing business. We have now published our first 5 books listed below. "The Boy on Shady Grove Road" is a memoir of Clyde's childhood growing up in rural Arkansas during the 1940s and 50s in a family that "was a little short on money" but full of adventure and love.

Our newest series of books, "Panther Creek Mountain" is a fiction book for Middle Graders about 3 kids growing up in the Appalachian mountains in the 1950s. They are an interesting bunch of kids having a ball in the woods and mountains.

"The Little Cuties, Let's Pretend" series of 3 children's books was written by Clyde's wife, Susan, and the art was done by Clyde's daughter Sheri. The Little Cuties series is where the love of learning begins and anything is possible as the book invites you to explore the pages with a child. Together you'll discover enchanting characters, artistically illustrated to inspire. Through creative art and text, simple concepts are introduced that will pique a child's curiosity, creativity, and imagination.

We also have beginning writer's journals to give prompts to the beginning writer.

Our books are available at  Amazon. "the boy on Shady Grove Road" can be ordered in bookstores.

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Below are some of our writing prompts Journals

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