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In  our Blog I will be seeking things from the past to bring back to your memories. These will be from the 1940s, 1950s and some from the 1960s. Many will make you smile as memories of your life come flowing to your mind. If you have some to bring to our attention, please go to my email on the contacts page and send them to me. Please enjoy and pass along our website to your family and friends.

              Soda Bottle Caps

Anyone remember when we used to play with soda bottle caps, you would pull out the cork and put the metal part on the outside of your shirt, then push the cork into the lid from inside you shirt and you had a lovely piece of clothing jewelry! Fun, Fun, simple fun!

In different parts of the country, there were also local brands of pop, or cold drinks as it was called in the south.

Do you remember your favorite?

Of course you enjoyed drinking the soda first, sometimes with a bag of peanuts poured into the soda. Man oh Man!
























                              The Henry J

Do you  remember the small compact car called the Henry J.... It was produced by the Kaiser Motor Company and was even sold by Sears Roebuck in the early 1950s as the "Allstate" (yes, actually named Allstate!) The company called it "The most important new car in America"

Mom and the twins (cute hair do) see Dad off to work, so he can "bring home the bacon"

 Fly Paper hanging in the kitchen 

Do you remember Fly Paper Strips hanging in the kitchen from the ceiling catching flys by the hour. No one seemed to think about the fact  that the poor fly had to be stuck there waiting for death to come from starvation.


  Signs Painted on Old Barns

Do you remember?

Signs painted on Barns, both roof and sides of barns. There were men who went around the country in the 1940s and painted these roofs. The farmers would allow them to paint so that their roofs had new paint in exchange for the company getting to the space for free advertising. Many times, the farm families would put the men up overnight with free meals! Now, it is hard to find such old signs. If you happen on to one, you shoud photograph it. They won't be around forever.


    Phillip Morris Cigarette Ads

Do You Remember?

When Lucille Ball advertised Phillip Morris on her TV show, while she and Ricky actually smoked in the skit.


I remember our public school having the "little Phillip Morris man" coming to our school and entertaining us from the stage calling out "call for Phillip Morrisssssss"

Then he said he hoped our fathers smoked Phillip Morris cigarettes and the gave a box of Phillip Morris Candy cigarettes to each child!

Do you remember Ethyl? 

"She" was the higher octane gas during the "day."


Anyone remember the old Glass  pumps?

These gas pumps sprung up everywhere in the 1920s as  automobile ownership grew in popularity. The first gas pumps were called visible gas pumps, which contained a clear glass cylinder allowing the vehicle owner the ability to see if the gas was clean. Dirty gas contaminated with foreign matter or water was an issue in that era.

Sears Mail Order Houses

1908–1940, Sears, Roebuck and Company sold more than 100,000 homes through their mail-order Modern Homes program.


A few weeks after the customer selected a home and placed the order, two railway boxcars containing 30,000 pieces of house – everything from doorknobs and carved staircases to varnish and roof shingles – would arrive at the nearest train depot.

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