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                      About The Team


Clyde McCulley, Author, Podcast Host 


Clyde McCulley is a life-long fine artist who spent his career as a college art professor and administrator while making his own art. His life was enriched by the wonders of his simple childhood in Arkansas. Clyde is now sharing that wonder with kids everywhere through the creation of his books, available from Story Night Press. Clyde also has a weekly Podcast “Mama’s White Gravy” Nostalgic Podcast Radio. He lives with his wife, Susan in Portland, Maine.


Susan McCulley, Author


Susan McCulley has always been fascinated by the purity of a child's curiosity and imagination. Throughout her career as a specialty toyshop owner, she sought products that would nurture those natural talents. Now retired, she seeks to further enhance young lives through the development of unique books for kids. Susan lives with her husband, Clyde and her dear cat, Shadow in Portland, Maine. 


Sheri McCulley, Seibold, Artist


Sheri McCulley Seibold grew up among the easels, paints, and brushes of her art-professor father, Clyde, and remembers her earliest goal as simply “to create!” After spending time as a mother, graphic designer, and grade school art teacher, she opened her own studio. Since 2007, she has built Kansas City-based Sheri McCulley Studio into a brand featured on fabric, holiday ornaments, home decor, cards, crafting supplies, stuffed animals, and baby clothing.

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